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Q: I signed up for a program on levelupsandiego.org. Does that mean my student/child is enrolled?

A: No. Your child/student is not enrolled in a program until you’ve completed and submitted the enrollment form for each program with the organization hosting the program and you’ve received notification from the official organization that your child has been enrolled. 

Q: I didn’t get confirmation that my child’s enrollment went through. How do I know my child is enrolled?

A: For the morning academic program, confirmation emails will be sent directly to families at the beginning of June that lists the school site they will attend for either onsite or online instruction. For San Diego summer activities, organizations will contact families directly with enrollment confirmation and details on where to report for the first day.

Q: I’m having trouble using the website to sign up for a program. Is there someone I can contact?

A: For afternoon enrichment programs, please contact Communications@sandi.net. To enroll your child in a morning academic program, please notify the school district by sending an email to: expandedlearning@sandi.net.

Q: Can I enroll my child in a summer activity program if he/she is not enrolled in morning classroom instruction?

A: Yes. Your child does NOT have to be enrolled in the morning academic program in order to participate in enrichment opportunities. Your child can take morning coursework and participate in afternoon enrichment programs OR they can enroll in just enrichment.

Q: I would like to sign up my child for a program but see it is full. Is there someone I can contact?

A: More spaces may be available after June 1. For full programs, please contact the nonprofit hosting the program to enquire about a waitlist after that date.

Q: When do the programs begin, and when is the last day I can register my son/daughter?

A: Level Up SD morning instruction and afternoon enrichment programs start on the first day of summer, Monday, June 21. At this time, there is no cut-off date for registration.

Q: Is bus transportation included by the school district?

A: Transportation is provided for students attending ESY (Extended School Year). 

Q: I have more than one student, do I need to submit an interest form for each child per program?

A: Yes. An interest form will need to be submitted for each child and for each program.

Q: My child will attend kindergarten in the 2021-22 school year and does not yet have a student ID, how can I enroll in Level Up SD?

A: A student ID is required to sign up; please complete the school district’s enrollment process for the Fall in order to acquire a student ID. School Finder is available to help you determine your neighborhood school. The parent guide (English | Spanish) is available to assist you with completing New Student Enrollment online. For questions about the enrollment form or the enrollment process contact your neighborhood school.

Q: My child/student does not attend a San Diego Unified School District School and/or attends a charter school, can they sign up?

A: No. Level Up SD programming is only open to continuously enrolled San Diego Unified students. You may enroll here for San Diego Unified here. If your child attends a charter school, please contact your charter school directly about their summer programming.

Q: Are the programs really free?

A: Yes.

Q: Where did the funding come from for the programs?

A: The San Diego Unified Board of Education set aside $31 million to provide students with world-class summer experiences.

Q: How were the organizations who received funding chosen?

A: The San Diego Foundation conducted an extensive application and interview process to select the participating non-profits and award the grants.

Q: Does the onsite morning academic Level Up SD program run five days a week?

A: Yes. A four-week session for elementary and middle school students is being offered, along with two three-week sessions for high school students. All sessions begin June 21.

Q: How long is the morning academic Level Up day?

A: Morning in-person classroom instruction runs for 4 hours and 20 minutes a day, with varying start times. Hours vary for online programs.

Q: How were Level Up SD school sites selected?

A: Many factors were considered when selecting morning academic program host sites, including number of students, proximity to other school facilities and previously scheduled construction projects which might limit facility access.

Q: I enrolled, but now I’ve changed my mind on which site I’d like to send my child. How do I change it?

A: For afternoon enrichment programs, please contact Communications@sandi.net. To enroll your child in a morning academic program, please notify the school district by sending an email to: expandedlearning@sandi.net.

Q: Are meals included at Level Up SD?

A: Yes, for students participating in a morning academic program. Lunch is grab-and-go if a student is leaving campus after the morning academic session. Students staying for PrimeTime or an enrichment activity will remain on campus and eat with the PrimeTime or enrichment staff. Breakfast can be brought home each day for the next morning.

Q: How large will class sizes be?

A: Class size varies at each site. School sites will adhere to health and safety guidelines and student-teacher ratio may vary slightly based on individual facilities and classrooms.

Q: Will there be an online Level Up SD experience for both the academic and enrichment portions for families that prefer to keep their students home?

A: Yes. There will be an online option for the morning academic program and online enrichment options offered in partnership with UCSD Extension and UC Scout.

Q: Will the Level Up SD curriculum be challenging?

A: Teams of teachers and instructional leaders have developed a robust academic curriculum for students of all levels that are project-based, hands-on, minds-on learning experiences. 

Q: Are you offering a Spanish immersion experience?

A: No. The morning academic program does not include a Spanish immersion experience. Online resources will be provided to our Spanish immersion families to assist students in maintaining their skills over the summer.

Q: Are enrichment activities happening on campus?

A: Many enrichment programs will be happening on the same campuses where the academic program is taking place. However, some activities will be offered off-site. Parents can choose either option. 

Q: Are the students from one school only able to attend that school for Level Up SD?

A: No. A student can be placed in any grade-appropriate school as long as families can transport the student. Transportation is only provided for Extended School Year students. 

Q: Who can I contact with additional questions?

A: For afternoon enrichment programs, please contact Communications@sandi.net. To enroll your child in a morning academic program, please notify the school district by sending an email to: expandedlearning@sandi.net.

About Level Up San Diego

Acerca de Level Up San Diego

La escuela de verano generalmente se ofrece a un grupo selecto de estudiantes con dificultades. Level Up SD está abierto a todos los estudiantes de K-12 y es GRATIS. Esto significa que miles de niños de todos los rincones de nuestra comunidad ahora pueden aprovechar la instrucción presencial dirigida por un maestro y las actividades de verano más allá del aula, como aprender a navegar en kayak o aprender a volar un dron, por primera vez.

Level Up SD fue creado este año por el Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Diego y la Fundación San Diego gracias a un compromiso de $ 31 millones por parte de la Junta de Educación Unificada de San Diego.